Simple, efficient hiring.

Access a rigorously vetted talent pipeline of diverse, non-traditional engineers coupled with ongoing mentorship.
Find the perfect candidate with unlimited matching and interviewing
Hires receive one full year of ongoing mentorship to drive ROI
No upfront commitment, pay only when you hire
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Vetted Candidates

Lower your risk, not your standards.
  • Only see candidates who have met our rigorous standards
  • Identify talented early engineers keyword matching and AI prediction often miss
  • Exclusive access to a diverse pool of coding bootcamp graduates and self-taught developers sourced nationwide

Dynamic Talent Pool

Can't find the right person? Stand by...
  • Highly talented early engineers join our community every month
  • Your existing openings are automatically updated with potential matches

Success = Mentors + Community

Preventative care for hiring churn.
  • Get one full year of active support and mentorship for all YearOne hires
  • We provide monthly candidate check-in with new hires and team leads
  • New hires remain part of our engaged community of peers for technical questions and emotional support through tough times

Meet Hiring Goals

Diversity is built in to our platform.
  • Source from a broader cross-section of candidates including more candidates that identify as women and people of color
  • Benefit from the skills and diverse points of view candidates have gained from previous work experiences prior to becoming engineers

YearOne candidates are landing jobs at companies including

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